How to Find a Property Boundary Survey Before a Building Project

Before undertaking any kind of building project, whether it’s a renovation, an addition, or landscaping, it’s essential to have a property boundary survey. Of equal importance is employing the services of an experienced engineering company like Advance Surveying & Engineering, whose experts can interpret the survey’s property lines, easements, and other project-essential information.   Property Survey
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What Is a Topographic Survey and How Can It Be Used?

From federal topographic surveys to commercial and residential initiatives, there are several ways a topographic survey can be used. Advance Surveying & Engineering looks closer at this versatile tool.  What Is a Topographic Survey? Many people are familiar topographic globes and maps, both of which are three-dimensional in the sense that elevated terrain “rises” above
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An In-Depth Look At Preliminary and Final Plats

In simplest terms, a plat is a vital component whenever new parcels of land are created, or when the boundary between parcels needs adjusting. Of course, there are facets and nuances to the process which a licensed land surveyor like Advance Surveying & Engineering can help you navigate.  Let’s go in-depth on the topic of
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An In-Depth Look At FEMA Surveys

Advance Surveying & Engineering offers decades of experience across a range of disciplines. One of the many activities we’re involved in is the administration of a FEMA survey. This important survey and the subsequent certification it provides are must-haves for any property owner. What Is a FEMA Survey? A FEMA survey (the collective term for
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Five Things Your Surveyor Wishes You Knew

Almost everyone has seen a land surveyor (white helmet, bright yellow vest, cool-looking instruments), but few people can describe what a surveyor really does – beyond, you know, surveying. In this spirit, Advance Surveying & Engineering lists five things your surveyor wishes you knew. Scientists At Heart As scientists at heart, surveyors aren’t accountable to
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An In-Depth Look At Impervious Surface (Hardcover) Surveys

Impervious surface surveys, also called “hardcover surveys”, aren’t well-known to the majority of homeowners. However, these surveys are vitally important to ensuring your property complies with local rules and regulations governing such surfaces. Advance Surveying & Engineering takes an in-depth look at this topic. What Is an Impervious Surface? An impervious surface is any surface
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What Does a Civil Engineer Do?

Civil engineering is the world’s oldest engineering field, and arguably its most important. Civil engineering services are required in countries across the globe, in all types of environments and in cities big and small. So what exactly does a civil engineer do? Advance Survey & Engineering answers this question today. What Is a Civil Engineer?
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Tips For Hiring a Municipal Land Surveying Company

Searching for a land surveying company to spearhead your next municipal project? Advance Surveying & Engineering has plenty of experience in this area, including these tips for hiring the right firm. Data Handling Technological advancements have brought significant changes to the surveying industry. One area of interest is data handling. The best surveying companies have
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Trends and Advancements In Land Surveying: Our Predictions For 2019

It was only a few decades ago that pulling a tape across the ground was the go-to means of distance measurement for every land surveyor. But as with many other fields, technology has introduced innovative trends for commercial and residential surveying, advancing our industry to places unthinkable even 15 years ago. As 2018 winds down,
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Land Surveying Myths & Misconceptions

Can land surveys be wrong? Advance Surveying & Engineering, an experienced Minnesota land surveyor, explores the various myths and misconceptions associated with land surveying. Land Surveys Are Too Expensive Because land surveys can be done incorrectly, a professional land survey is never too expensive when you consider the thousands of dollars you might end up
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