Making Sure Your Property is Flood Proof

In many parts of the country, property and flooding go hand in hand. Even minor flooding caused by a thunderstorm can have serious financial and health consequences, so it’s important that homebuyers in Minnetonka understand a property’s potential flood risk prior to investing. Advance Survey & Engineering is here to help.  Consult FEMA Flood Maps

How to Find a Property Boundary Survey Before a Building Project

Before undertaking any kind of building project, whether it’s a renovation, an addition, or landscaping, it’s essential to have a property boundary survey. Of equal importance is employing the services of an experienced engineering company like Advance Surveying & Engineering, whose experts can interpret the survey’s property lines, easements, and other project-essential information.   Property Survey

September 16, 2019 Advance Survey

What Is a Topographic Survey and How Can It Be Used?

From federal topographic surveys to commercial and residential initiatives, there are several ways a topographic survey can be used. Advance Surveying & Engineering looks closer at this versatile tool.  What Is a Topographic Survey? Many people are familiar topographic globes and maps, both of which are three-dimensional in the sense that elevated terrain “rises” above

August 15, 2019 Advance Survey

An In-Depth Look At Preliminary and Final Plats

In simplest terms, a plat is a vital component whenever new parcels of land are created, or when the boundary between parcels needs adjusting. Of course, there are facets and nuances to the process which a licensed land surveyor like Advance Surveying & Engineering can help you navigate.  Let’s go in-depth on the topic of

July 16, 2019 Advance Survey

An In-Depth Look At FEMA Surveys

Advance Surveying & Engineering offers decades of experience across a range of disciplines. One of the many activities we’re involved in is the administration of a FEMA survey. This important survey and the subsequent certification it provides are must-haves for any property owner. What Is a FEMA Survey? A FEMA survey (the collective term for

June 14, 2019 Advance Survey

Five Things Your Surveyor Wishes You Knew

Almost everyone has seen a land surveyor (white helmet, bright yellow vest, cool-looking instruments), but few people can describe what a surveyor really does – beyond, you know, surveying. In this spirit, Advance Surveying & Engineering lists five things your surveyor wishes you knew. Scientists At Heart As scientists at heart, surveyors aren’t accountable to

May 30, 2019 Advance Survey

An In-Depth Look At Impervious Surface (Hardcover) Surveys

Impervious surface surveys, also called “hardcover surveys”, aren’t well-known to the majority of homeowners. However, these surveys are vitally important to ensuring your property complies with local rules and regulations governing such surfaces. Advance Surveying & Engineering takes an in-depth look at this topic. What Is an Impervious Surface? An impervious surface is any surface

May 15, 2019 Advance Survey