A lot of people don’t associate land surveying with wintertime – but the truth is, Advance Surveying & Engineering will produce a professional land survey any time of year. Though the air may be colder and the ground harder, it’s not uncommon to find our team in the field this time of year. And in fact, there are several benefits to getting a land survey in winter. 


This is probably the most obvious upside to wintertime land surveys. Despite the fact that local land surveyors like ours like to keep busy in winter, the business as a whole slows down a bit. Also, construction work tails off too, and when you put these two factors together, you find that it’s easier to not only hire a land surveyor, but also to have the work performed quickly and with more flexibility based on your needs. 


Let’s say you started a construction project in the summer, but then had to postpone it because of other obligations. Or, maybe you wanted to get a survey done in early fall, but couldn’t. Either way, wintertime is the ideal time to either begin the preliminary land surveys needed to get your project off the ground, or complete the next round of surveys on an already-started project so that come springtime, you’ll be ready to move quickly. It’s easy to get complacent when the weather is cold and as the holidays draw near, but our nearby land surveyors are ready to go at a moment’s notice. And when the weather warms up again, the fact that you kept things moving over the winter should put a smile on your face. 


Shorter days, cold nights, slippery roads – the winter season gives us plenty to grumble about. On the flipside, wintertime actually facilitates faster, more efficient land surveys. For one, there’s no leafy tree canopy to obstruct a satellite GPS signal. Also, and as alluded to earlier, surveying firms typically don’t have as many ongoing projects, which means they can work longer on a wintertime project and get it done faster. And generally speaking, there are fewer obligations, vacations, and what-not to schedule around. 


With less work and a slower pace, winter offers surveying companies and their clients an excellent opportunity to update their maps, fill in missing data, and scout potential locations for future projects. If a new utility was recently installed near or within your construction project, winter is the perfect time to map it and log its specs. If a client suddenly asks for more fine-tuned data on nearby elevations or structure locations, it should be easy to find the time to do so. 

Also, it’s becoming increasingly common for municipalities to spend part of the winter having various utilities surveyed (i.e. storm, sanitary, water). This provides the town/city with an updated utilities inventory, and identifies any areas of concern that should be addressed in the next year.

We Provide Comprehensive Surveying Expertise

Whether it’s a new home survey, a topographic survey, or a request for surveying a land after a natural disaster, Advance Surveying & Engineering does it all, anytime of the year. Contact our well-qualified Twin Cities land surveyors today and let’s talk about your next project.

December 5, 2019 Advance Survey