Searching for a land surveying company to spearhead your next municipal project? Advance Surveying & Engineering has plenty of experience in this area, including these tips for hiring the right firm.

Data Handling

Technological advancements have brought significant changes to the surveying industry. One area of interest is data handling. The best surveying companies have a streamlined process in place for collecting, processing, and storing data related to your project. Whereas in the past many firms had to outsource processing and storage, these tasks can now be accomplished internally, which equates to good savings in terms of time and cost.

A surveying company with full in-house data capabilities can ensure prompt delivery of the data, as well as guarantee that the data is top quality. Given the popularity and ease of access to the cloud, a progressive surveying company will upload project data to the cloud so it can be viewed anytime, anywhere.


You can save yourself a lot of wasted time and headaches by only working with a licensed land surveyor. Don’t engage a surveying company in substantial discussions until you’ve seen their license, copied and authenticated it, and confirmed the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau. Moreover, make sure the surveyor is someone you can see yourself working with: rapport is key, especially for large municipal projects that could last months. Note how the surveyor conducts themselves, how quickly they respond to your questions, and their general land survey knowledge.


One of the biggest benefits to hiring a municipal land surveying company is for their access to the right instruments and technologies. The training required for proper instrument operation and technology usage is a big reason why there isn’t a “DIY option” in the land survey industry.

All projects, especially those of a municipal nature, necessitate professionals skilled in the usage of instruments such as:

  • Surveying prisms
  • Brush axes
  • Markers and rods
  • GPS equipment
  • Surveying bipods
  • Surveying tripods
  • Transit levels

Regarding technology, the two most prominent surveying solutions are high-resolution photo imaging (photogrammetry), and high-resolution laser scanning (LiDAR). Some companies may prefer one or the other, while other firms might have the ability to  integrate the two technologies into an optimal solution that delivers the clearest, most accurate imaging and overall survey results.

Make sure that the municipal land surveying company you hire is well-versed with these instruments and technologies. The more proficient a company is, the faster they’ll complete your project, and at a lower cost.


Before signing a contract with a municipal land surveyor, make sure you read and understand everything stated in the document. Be wary of contracts containing a lot of fine print, and read it twice to ensure there are no hidden fees. Everything in a land survey contract should be clearly stated: scope of work, payment, and timing.

Serving Minnesota For More Than 30 Years

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February 15, 2019 Advance Surveying