The two titular questions are commonly asked by homeowners and businesses throughout Minnesota. If you too are curious about how to hire a land surveyor, this blog post is for you.

How Do I Hire a Land Surveyor?

If you want to hire a land surveyor, the internet is always a good place to start. Another good resource is your local city hall, which can furnish you with a list of licensed professionals for contacting. Also, land surveyors commonly interact with realtors, bankers, attorneys, and abstractors (someone who has likely worked with all of the aforementioned in some combination). If you know anyone in these professions, they might be able to connect you with a land surveying company serving Minneapolis and the metro area.

What Should I Look For?

Generally speaking, many land surveying companies in Minnesota have comparable fees and costs. Thus, you should focus your search on companies like Advance Surveying & Engineering which offer strong flexibility, decades of experience, and a sterling reputation. Budget and costs are certainly important, but finding a company that matches the aforementioned criteria will save the time, money, and headaches that a cheaper but less experienced surveyor can’t.

When you explain why you need a survey, the land surveyor should be able to provide a succinct analysis of the survey type required and the appropriate standards to follow. It is common for a professional land surveyor to ask for written authorization before commencing a survey, as well as a retainer, the balance of which is paid upon completion of the survey.

What Skills Should a Professional Land Surveyor Possess?

You should expect a professional land surveyor in Minnesota to conduct its business with the highest standards of ethics and good business practices. These ethics and practices should be utilized no matter if the land surveyor is working in accordance with federal, state, county, or city statutes, laws, and regulations.

Based on your specific requirements, a professional land surveyor will also have the expertise and aptitude to:

  • Study your property and confirm, based on all available records and facts, the correct boundaries of your property
  • Inform you of any and all issues that could affect your property: fence lines, existing structures, and more
  • Set and clearly mark the monuments demarcating your property boundaries
  • Provide a Plat of Survey: a drawing that depicts all existing elements of your property and indicates any new findings. Along with this Plat of Survey, a Professional Certification (sometimes called a Certificate of Survey) is also provided. This document is signed by the land surveyor and furnished with the surveyor’s seal.
  • In the event that conveyance of title, interest, easement, or rights-of-way is necessary, the land surveyor should provide a written description of your land that meets the requirements of these conveyances
  • Work closely with all involved parties: realtor, attorney, banker, architect, engineer, and any other concerned entities, and provide copies of the aforementioned documents as required
  • In cases of commercial land ownership, a land surveyor should have the ability to help the owner parcel the land into streets/blocks/lots for development and/or resale

Work with an Experienced Surveyor

Whether you’re in need of commercial survey expertise or a residential land survey, count on Advance Surveying & Engineering to deliver. Our land survey experts have shared their expertise with thousands of homeowners and businesses throughout Minnesota. Contact us today and let’s discuss your next project.

November 15, 2018 Advance Surveying