A land survey is always required for new construction, but is the same true for a home remodel? And if so, what are the circumstances in which one is required? Advance Surveying & Engineering in Minnetonka delves into these questions.

What is a land survey?

Before we get into the meat of the questions posed above, a primer is helpful. A land survey is engaged in order to establish the boundaries of your home’s property. In addition to your home and its property lines, a land survey shows all other elements located on your property: a pool, a shed, a gazebo, and the like. A land survey must be conducted by a professional land surveyor. It’s not a task that the homeowner can undertake.

When is a land survey not required?

So long as your home remodeling project in Minnesota doesn’t extend beyond your home itself, a land survey is not required. Even intensive projects like finishing a basement, remodeling a kitchen/bathroom, or repositioning of walls are not subject to a land survey, so long as said projects do not extend beyond the confines of your home and into the surrounding property.

When is a land survey required?

There are two instances in which a land survey is required for work that falls under the category of “home remodeling”:

Putting on an addition

Most additions involve a change and/or encroachment on an existing property line, therefore triggering the need for a survey. The one possible exception is whether your municipality offers a “safe zone”: for example, a set amount of space in which your addition can occupy without needing a survey. Your city may allow you to extend an addition to within three feet of a fence or other property element. Of course, if this causes a conflict with a property line shared with a neighbor, than a survey is definitely required.


Tearing down and then rebuilding on your property is considered equivalent to building a new home, and so a land survey is required. Additionally, you may also be required to produce a topographic survey if the tear-down/rebuild has changed the surrounding earth in terms of slopes, hills, etc.

When is a land survey not required, but recommended?

For certain home improvement projects, a land survey is not required but recommended. Here are some examples:


If you’re building a shed, workshop, greenhouse, etc. and it’s anywhere near your property line, our surveyors near Minneapolis suggest commissioning a land survey so you can be 100% confident.

Permanent property improvements

Before you break ground on a new pool, a deck, a patio, or a driveway, it’s a good idea to get a land survey to ensure your desires don’t infringe on your neighbor’s property. Moving a shed is relatively easy – moving an in-ground pool, not so much.


There are several rules to follow regarding fencing, but for this blog it’s important to know that if you’re planning to build a fence that shares your neighbor’s property line, a land survey is helpful for heading off any disputes down the road.

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August 15, 2018 Advance Surveying