Photo: Civil Engineer working on plans

Thinking of hiring a civil engineer for your next project in Edina, Minneapolis, or St. Paul? Advance Surveying & Engineering in Minnetonka offers four reasons why doing so is a great idea.

Zoning and Building Code Research

Our civil engineer has considerable experience working on projects in different jurisdictions throughout Minnesota.  Wherever your project is located, civil engineers can provide in-depth information that will help you with your project from beginning to end.

Whether this is your first project or your tenth, you’re likely aware just how much paperwork is involved whenever a new structure is built. Applications, forms, and permits are a big part of the engineering process. Advance Surveying & Engineering has vast experience with the municipalities requirements and can work with you to be sure these requirements are addressed.

Permits and Plot Plans

Prior to developing a commercial or residential property in Minnetonka or Eagan, a plot plan is essential for determining and identifying the property’s utility locations, easements, and improvements. Moreover, plot plans are helpful when discussing construction staking and drainage analysis. Our surveying company in Minnesota will help you develop a plot plan that includes all of these components. 

Septic and Sewer Requirements

Most civil engineers, including the professionals at Advanced Surveying & Engineering, are highly trained in the design of numerous different septic disposal systems, both onsite and offsite. We understand that renovating or designing a new sewer system requires adhering to various health department standards, some of which vary by city. 

Along with septic system design, the redesigning/planning of storm water drainage is another critical component to your property. Our approach to storm water drainage is comprehensive: we’ll conduct an exhaustive inspection of the property and determine your options. From there, we’ll help you select the ideal approach – one that minimizes any existing drainage problems, or an overhaul designed to prevent the occurrence of any future draining problems.

Cost Savings

In today’s world of tight turnaround times and cost-sensitivity, hiring a civil engineer is a cost savings boon at both the front-end and the back-end of your project. On the front end, we save our clients time and money by creating detailed plans for you. We also streamline the development process by helping you with all required paperwork needed to get your project off the ground. 

For more information on our civil engineering services in Minnetonka, contact us today.

February 15, 2018 Advance Surveying