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Tips on Hiring the Right Land Surveying Firm for Your Construction Project

When you hire the right land surveying firm for your construction project, you have a foundation from which you can explore a range of different ideas for your land. Here are some tips from Advance Surveying & Engineering on how to pick the perfect land surveyor.

Match the Firm to Your Specific Needs

Some surveying firms specialize in large, rural tracts of land, while others have expertise in condensed urban areas. Likewise, some firms are experienced with projects involving oil and gas drilling, while others focus on projects that require innovative use of natural surroundings. Whatever your specific needs, talk with several land surveying firms in order to understand their scope of expertise and how it applies to your project.

How “cutting-edge” is the firm?

Just like in every other industry, technology has changed the way that land surveying is done. Every year it seems a new product/innovation arrives that boosts the land surveying firm’s abilities and helps save the client time and money. However, some firms aren’t as up-to-date as others. In fact, some firms pride themselves on an “old school” approach – and that’s ok, as long as it fits your project’s scope. Broach the subject of technology with each firm you’re considering. Ask each one if they’re using the industry’s most advanced surveying equipment: global-positioning solutions, laser-based equipment, etc. Such technology is more accurate and helps guarantee that a survey won’t require repeating. Then, based on your project’s scope, decide whether “old school” or “new school” is the way to proceed.

Cheapest Isn’t Always the Best

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs and get the biggest bang for their buck. And while it pays to be thrifty, sometimes it can come back to haunt you. You’ll of course have a budget established for your project, but quality is essential, and the last thing you want is to find yourself incurring project delays because errors were made during the land survey – or worse, mistakes that end up having legal ramifications. Paying more and working with an established company with a solid track record is always preferential to paying less and assuming a higher level of risk with an unproven/low-rated land surveying firm.

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January 15, 2018 Advance Surveying