At Advance Surveying and Engineering we are taking some time to look back at 2015. It was a very good year for the company as we embarked on relationships with new clients and a few interesting surveys. We have taken pictures of the ups and downs of 2015. Please enjoy.



I would say this was one of the lows. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, we get the surveys done. Maybe not as quickly as in the summer but the work gets done.


Deer Head

Peek aboo….



This picture was taken in downtown Minneapolis. This looks like a safe place to park.











This was a really nice day in Afton MN. We were surveying a small lot in Afton and it was a beautiful day. As I was walking to the van I saw this image and had to capture it in a photo.



US Bank

Although we never had a chance to work on the new stadium, it loomed in the background of one of the surveys we did downtown




It’s kinda hard to see here but this was a new home being built and in the process of digging for the footings, there was a heavy rain. That resulted in the footing trench’s being buried with mud. Making it even more difficult was the tight constraints of the neighboring houses.


As we move into 2016 there are many changes for Advance Surveying and Engineering and we are really excited about those changes. We look to be adding employees and growing the business again this year. Please watch for new blog posts in the next week or two outlining some of the changes that we are excited about. 



January 28, 2016 Advance Surveying