Surveying in the summer is probably my favorite time of the year to be in the field. The flowers are blooming, the trees are full with leaves and the ground is so soft, but with the nicer weather comes the downside to surveying in the summer…mosquitoes.  I often wonder, after a day in the swamp in the summer, what is the deal with these monsters! I know that some people will tell you if there weren’t mosquitoes then the eco system will be all out of whack, I say let’s give it a try. I know it is bad for us in these times but I often wonder, after covering myself with mosquito repellant, what did surveyors do back in the day?  I have read accounts from surveyors about the horrible conditions that they had to deal with and mosquitoes are always near the top of that list. It makes dealing with those creatures a little easier.

Summer also introduces us to new clients that are now venturing into a new home project such as a garage build, new fence construction or their dream home.  At Advance Surveying and Engineering we are always excited to help these new clients with their projects. Although our portion of their project is usually small it is an important part that needs to be completed. Usually these new clients have not gone through this process before and they underestimate the value in a survey, and sometimes part of our jobs is to explain to them the value a survey holds. It’s not just some guy coming out in a van and finding pins, putting a lath next to it and driving away. At Advance Surveying and Engineering we like to take the time and understand what our client needs and try to be sure that what the client needs what the city requires, to the best of our knowledge. We then send out our licensed land surveyors to do the field work. We then use those same Land Surveyors to draw up the survey and deliver it to our client.

So remember when you are in the need of a land survey give us at Advance Surveying and Engineering  a call and you will be pleasantly surprised at our professional attitude from beginning to end. If you see one of our Land Surveyors cussing and waving his arms around it’s not from being frustrated with his job, it’s just those nasty mosquitoes!


June 9, 2015 Advance Surveying